13th Avenue Downtown-Campus Corridor Concept Plan


UPDATE 6.24.14:

The third and final public meeting was held and the City staff endorsed the creation of a 2-way cycle track on 13th from Alder to Olive, complemented by enhanced bicycle boulevard treatments on 12th between Hilyard and Oak. Next steps include finding the money to make it happen which could take a few years. This idea wasn’t even on the City’s radar before our concept plan.

Stay up to date on the project at the city’s project site: http://www.eugene-or.gov/bikecampustodowntown

Get involved with local advocacy efforts at: www.davidminorbikeway.com

UPDATE 12.4.13:

See the City of Eugene’s project website for updates, here: City of Eugene Project Site: Downtown-Campus Corridor

Thank you to all who attended the meeting tonight. Those in attendance shared a lot of their feelings around the campus to downtown connections. It’s clear that the current cycling population does not feel safe on 11th, 12th, or 13th avenues. As we continue to promote our concept plan, we want to remind people that the proposal for a 2-way buffered bike lane is not only for the current bicycle commuters who feel the roadway does not work for them, but for those “would-be” cyclists who have legitimate fears about bike commuting.

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UPDATE 11.26.13: As LiveMove prepares for the first public meeting regarding the 13th Ave corridor, there has been a number of press articles and outreach materials related to the project.  Check them all out below!

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The vision for the Downtown-Campus Corridor re-design is to create safer roads for all users through the development of connected bikeways that enhance Eugene’s multi-modal transportation system, improves health and livability for all Eugene residents, while also improving the economic vibrancy of its business corridors. To achieve this, the team has identified its preferred solution for a redesign of 13th Avenue that improves safety, while maintaining a functional travel way for all of its users.

LiveMove believes that this corridor represents more than a line between two points, it is a cornerstone at the very foundation of a comprehensive system of access that embraces all modes of travel.  This redesign is pivotal. The outcomes from this plan must embrace a culture of sustainable transportation options, and a higher quality of living.  Key to securing that sustainable future will be a safer, connected, vibrant street, set to foster meaningful social interactions and ignite economic growth.

See below for background information and designs:

Click for Concept Plan

Welcome poster (PDF)

Safety (PDF)

Auto traffic (PDF)

Bicycle counts (PDF)

Parking (PDF)

Infrastructure (PDF)

Housing and commercial (PDF)

Case study (PDF)

Our vision (PDF)

Bike map vision (PDF)