Member Spotlight!

When I joined, I felt like I had found my tribe. Even though I am the only art major, my tribe consisted of people who love their bike as much as I do. This is my third bike in 5 years. I have had her for a year and a half. The other two were stolen unfortunately, the first one was a gift for my birthday and was stolen a month later. As you can see from the picture, I have registered this bike twice, and added a lot of flair. I'm also proud to say, because of being a member of Livemove, I was encouraged to learn how to work on my bike. I attached everything you see here, from lights, basket, fenders, bell, even new brakes! She may not be the fastest, but she is very loved. In Fall, I will be working on a big project to help create better bike safety on campus. My bikes were not stolen on campus but I want to try to help people feel safer about riding and locking up their bike on campus.

-Jade Lazaris