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Franklin Blvd Transformation Design Workshop Kickoff

Located at the Ford Alumni Center, 1720 E.13th Ave, 97403

The City is launching a redesign of Franklin Blvd between Alder St and I-5. Currently, it is auto oriented and lacks high quality walking and biking infrastructure as well as safe intersections for people driving, walking or biking, but the City wants to transform the boulevard into a street that serves the needs of all members of the community! To help update the design, the City is asking the community to help shape Franklin into a modern multi-modal urban street.

This meeting is the first of three events this week that coincides with a four-day design workshop in which the City will be generating design concepts for what a transformed Franklin Blvd may look like. It is designed to orient attendees to the project and planning process, and to what the Franklin Boulevard Transformation project aims to accomplish. The meeting will begin with a short presentation that helps lay the groundwork for this week’s design workshop. The City will share planning and design concepts that shape how we think about corridors like Franklin. The City will be asking for community input about what currently works well and what doesn’t on Franklin, and what Eugenians’ desires are for Franklin in the future. Attendees can expect to talk in small groups about these questions, and then hear summaries from the whole group. This meeting will be will be recorded and streamed online.

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