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Measuring What Matters: How people data transformed the world’s most livable cities (and is reshaping 13th Avenue on the UO campus)

Location: Lawrence Hall 177, University of Oregon

Urban design has gone through many fashions, from the Beaux-Arts to Modernism to Ecological Urbanism. But what makes a city really work and really loved? From footrests for bicyclists at Copenhagen’s stoplights to ad-hoc neighborhood plazas in Queens to retrofitting Buenos Aires’s largest slum with generous walking streets, a global revolution is changing the way designers outfit cities based on what people want and need. Less obvious is the data behind these transformations. Collected over years and sometimes decades, careful ethnographic research and people-focused data has provided designers, policymakers, and politicians with evidence to make radical changes to the fabric of cities—and a way to measure success. From the town square to Times Square, measuring the daily routines of the human animal is providing an essential lens to design cities for the 21st Century. Gehl partner and managing director Blaine Merker will tour some of these projects and talk about how people-focused methods are being put to use in creating a conceptual design for 13th Avenue on the University of Oregon campus.

Earlier Event: February 6
Later Event: February 13