Our Mission

The University of Oregon Transportation and Livability Student Group brings together undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to focus on the planning and design of transportation systems as they relate to community quality of life and livability. (We have a general bias towards active and public transportation.) LiveMove’s mission statement is:

“To promote healthy, sustainable communities by integrating transportation and livability through collaboration, education, research and outreach.”

Within the group, there are opportunities to collaborate on planning and design projects, to gain leadership skills, to bring in high-profile guest speakers, and to network. In addition, generous funding is available through a grant from the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC) to support any University students to attend educational conferences, workshops or seminars to enhance their understanding of transportation-related issues.

The interdisciplinary nature of the group is unique at the UO, and while open to all majors, is especially well suited for Planning Public Policy & Management, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, Environmental Studies, and related majors, both undergraduate and graduate.

Interested Students please sign up for emails on OrgSync: https://orgsync.com/161577/chapter

Our Leadership

Corrie Parrish, President

Karen Mason, Vice President


Karen is a New York City native with a desire to make cities more sustainable. Working to earn her master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning, her focus is on transportation planning. She is also passionate about food security, composting, and recycling. In her free time she enjoys hiking, biking, gardening, and cooking. She also has two very cute cats, a doofy dog, and a husband who has been a great support.

Miranda Menard-Hannu, Outreach Coordinator

Fin Heeb, Speaker Series Coordinator


Finley is a Pacific Northwest local who wants to encourage people to engage with their community through bussing, biking, and walking. They are currently pursuing a degree in Planning, Public Policy, and Management with a particular interest in transportation planning. In their free time, Finley enjoys swimming in lakes, telling stories by a campfire, and taking their dog for long walks in the park.

Maddy Reznick, Speaker Series Coordinator

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 5.37.18 PM.png

Maddy is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Oregon. She is studying PPPM, Business, and Environmental studies. She hopes to study up, graduate, and advocate for a sustainable, healthy future, by improving the way communities view transportation, natural resources, and environmental stewardship. In her free time, she likes to get outside, eat Sizzle Pie, and ride the EmX!